The University of HK

It's great to giving us a chance to design and production for HK University.  This is a huge size window transparent label project, about 6m x 2m, 3 manpower have to be used for this production.

HKU_Glass Sticker_web

This is another project for HKU library (LES) promotion, showing the people those information around LES.  We use strong foam board and make it perfectly fit the TV stand.  And our staff will make a dummy before mass production in order to make sure the size is perfectly fit.

HKU_Glass Sticker_02
HKU_Glass Sticker_03
HKU_Glass Sticker_04

Another information board design for HKU library LES department, we use strong foam board to make it hanging on the wall and windows.  The most difficulty of this project is making a changeable "opening hours" board for staff to easily change the information.