Logo & Stationery Design


Logo & Stationery design is a basic element that a new company should have at the very beginning.  They are giving people the first image or impression, and also show the spirit of the company values.

The procedures of Logo and Stationery Design as below:

  1. Briefing: just feel free to let me know what you want briefly.
  2. Quotation: quote base on the briefing.
  3. Researching: analysis the existing competitor and point out their weaknesses.  
  4. Discussing: a causal talk about the research results and any essential detail in order to keep our thinking on the same track.
  5. Sketching: hand sketch or computer outline different direction of the company logos.
  6. Development: choose 2-3 directions from the sketching.
  7. Delivery: handover the first draft and wait for comments and feedback.
  8. Revision: fine tune the final decision.